We broadcast LIVE and ON DEMAND anytime events from all over the world.  Directly to your electronic device of choice.  Got an internet connection?  Then you are ready to go!  Find out more by CLICKING HERE

The sky is the limit!  From the largest Medical Conferences on the planet to the biggest Rock Concerts in the World….from small boutique gatherings, to stadiums full of screaming fans – all broadcast LIVE in HD to your device.

Currently ALL devices are compatible including iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Windows, MacOSX.  Simply ensure your device is up to date with the latest product updates and you are using an up to date web browser if you are on a PC or Mac.  Currently APPLE TV is the only device we do not support.  But do not fear…..the times they are a changing.

No.  All credit information and sensitive data is handled by our online payments merchant STRIPE.  They are one of the largest and most secure online payment gateways in the world.  We take privacy & security very seriously.  More information on them can be found HERE.

Yes.  For ALL events requiring proof of attendance (such as medical conferences for CPD/CME) all users can download a certificate of attendance.

Each event may be slightly different. Y ou will be notified for each event individually.  For DFCon 2019 you will be emailed 7 days AFTER the event with further instructions.  

No.  All events can be viewed ON DEMAND anytime after the live event has finished.  If you are attending an online conference, please check the requirements your individual event may have regarding CME & CPD accreditation.

You thought you could just cheat right?  WRONG!  Cheating is for losers!  At “NO BAD SEATS” we are all winners!  Our system uses a proprietary algorithm which detects each users unique login and content viewed.

Sure you can…..I’m kidding – DON’T BE RIDICULOUS.  What type of question is that?  You paid for it, its only meant for you.  Tell your cheap friends to go get a job and stop freeloading on your couch!  But seriously, NO you can’t.  Doing so risks you voiding any logins, purchases or CME/CPD points for professional registration you may have accrued.  Remember, its like the 22nd century or something, we can track everything anyone does……sort of.

Simply go to the event page and click the option you wish to purchase, proceed through the checkout process – its that easy.

Simply go to the event page – where you originally purchased access – then click the green “CLICK HERE TO ACCESS” button.  Alternatively, ensure you are logged into the website and then click the link in the email you get sent just prior to the event OR you can go to the “MY ACCOUNT” section in the top right hand corner of the page, then click “MY EVENTS” and “WATCH NOW”.

These FAQ’s were written by “Reggie the Rock & Roll Rat”.  Reggie works for No Bad Seats in between being a part time roadie for a heavy metal rock group.  We pay Reggie in craft beer and unsalted peanuts. 

That depends on several factors, most are out of our control and costs are determined by the event organizers.  Please check any individual event you are interested in for more accurate pricing.

Some events will have interaction features built in.  This is largely dependent on the event organizers and their want/need for audience interaction.  We have tools that can do anything from let you interact via Twitter or Facebook, all the way up to letting you “BEAM” in via your internet connection to ask a question or interact with the event.  There are no rules really, the monkeys running this show tell me anything is possible…

No.  The system is designed to prevent this.  Even if you are successful in bypassing this protection, our system individually isolates each user to the video they are watching…in other words, we can tell who has done it.  Don’t be a loser!

What are you F#$@&^! stupid!  How are you even surfing the internet looking at this question?

Finally a sensible question!  The faster the better really.  We broadcast in “dynamic signaling” which means that our video will scale to your connection: The faster your internet, the more high quality it is.  The slower your internet, the worse the video will appear.  HOWEVER it should always be fluent, with little to no buffering at all.

No.  Very little of your data is even stored on the site.  No CREDIT CARD DATA or sensitive personal information is stored on NO BAD SEATS.  We would never, and will never sell, give away or pass on your information to any other third party.  If however you are given a COUPON code by another site or company to use on NO BAD SEATS for an event to obtain a discount, please be aware those companies may have terms and conditions where by using that code you agree to them obtaining some or all of your contact details.  We try to make this as transparent as possible for companies involved in events we broadcast.

Yes – 100%.  It is verified by an SSL Certification.  Any credit card information is handled directly by our online merchant STRIPE.  You can read more about their security HERE.

You can enter this during the checkout process.  It will automatically apply the discount for you.

YES!  You can login to the site using the web browser on your phone and view events.  We are developing an Apple and Android compatible App that you will be able to view your event from.  Be aware DATA USAGE may be high and No Bad Seats is not responsible for any data used on a viewers device.  Please check your data plans, caps and allowances from your telecommunications provider.

That depends on the event length and the quality of the broadcast – my advice – if you have to ask, you should be checking how much data allowance you have!  We aren’t responsible for you going over your monthly data allowance.  You are old enough to know this stuff, go sort your life out and move out of your mothers basement!

I bet you get made fun of alot right?  Don’t fear – we love everyone!  Support is only a click away in most cases or simply email: support@nobadseats.com anytime.  There will be support buttons on every event page during an event so someone can guide you through the process – or if you want they can just hold your hand, stroke your hair and tell you everything is going to be fine.  Everything isn’t going to be fine though – the world is slowly ending and we are all flying on a small and insignificant rock through space at 460m per second….hate to break it to you, you may as well enjoy the ride!