We aim to make your broadcast experience as seamless as possible.
If you have any troubles on the night of an event, email us at or use the ‘support chatbot’ available on our site

No Bad Seats is redefining digital broadcasting, bringing premium LIVE and ON_DEMAND event experiences to a global community, powered by seamless, integrated technology.

No Bad Seats is your virtual front-row seat to global events. From stadium shows to exclusive artist performances, we put audiences in the front row for a unique and memorable broadcast experience.

Events are broadcast through our content delivery network globally to any device connected to the internet. You can find more information at

* Please note stand alone apps for iOS and Android coming soon!

Currently, all devices are compatible including iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Windows, MacOSX.
Ensure your device is up to date with the latest product updates and you are using an up-to-date web browser if you are on a PC or Mac.
You can find more information at

If you can’t view the LIVE event, don’t stress! All events can be viewed ON-DEMAND anytime after the live event has finished.

No, you can’t. And it’s not nice, either. Doing so risks you voiding any logins and purchases, but also takes profits from the artists we are broadcasting.

Go to the event page and click the option you wish to purchase and proceed through the checkout process – it’s that easy.

There are a few ways to make this happen.
First, ensure you are logged into the website. You can go to the event page where you originally purchased access and click the green “CLICK HERE TO ACCESS” button. Alternatively, you can click the link in the email you were sent prior to the event.

Another way is to go to the “MY ACCOUNT”  section (in the top right-hand corner of the page), then click “MY EVENTS” and “WATCH NOW”

Some events will have interaction features built-in. This is largely dependent on the event organizers and their want/need for audience interaction.

No. Our system is designed to prevent this to protect Artist’s copyright. Even if you are successful in bypassing this protection, our system individually isolates each user from the content they are watching.

The faster the better! We broadcast in “dynamic signaling” which means that our video will scale to your connection. The faster your internet, the higher the quality. The slower your internet, the more pixelated the video may appear. Either way, the broadcast should always be fluent, with little to no buffering at all.

It is 100 percent secure and is verified by an SSL Certification. Any credit card information is handled directly by our online merchant STRIPE. You can  read more about their security HERE.

No. We take privacy & security very seriously. All credit information and sensitive data are handled by our online payments merchant STRIPE, one of the largest and most secure online payment gateways in the world. More information on STRIPE can be found HERE.

No. Very little of your data is even stored on the site. No Credit Card Data or sensitive personal information is stored on No Bad Seats. We will never sell, give away or pass on your information to any other third party. If however you are given a Coupon code by another site or company to use on No Bad Seats for an event to obtain a discount, please be aware those companies may have terms and conditions whereby using that code you agree to them obtaining some or all of your contact details. We try to make this process as transparent as possible for companies involved in events we broadcast.

Most events are paid-for content, with the costs mostly determined by the event organizers. Please check any individual event you are interested in for more accurate pricing. Information regarding each specific event is available on the individual event page.

You can enter this during the checkout process. It will automatically apply the discount to the event for you.

We offer artists, storytellers, brands, industry experts, event organizers, management companies, and foundations the opportunity to create customizable and monetizable events — connecting with audiences that would otherwise remain out of reach.

Let our friendly staff help you get your event online and ready. Simply drop us an email via with your details and one of our expert team will be in touch.

Yes! You can log in to the site using the web browser on your phone and view events. Be aware data usage may be high and No Bad Seats is not responsible for the amount of data used on a viewer’s device. Please check your data plans, caps, and allowances from  your telecommunications provider.

Please note stand-alone apps for iOS and Android are coming soon!

That depends on the event length and the quality of the broadcast. We advise users that they could expect up to 1GB per hour, which could increase depending on the quality of the event being broadcast. Please keep track of your usage, as No  Bad Seats is not responsible for users going over their monthly data allowance.

Not necessarily. We provide the ability to have a fully scalable production suite and a team ready for any size event. Then again, if you have your own equipment or are already filming your event, we can simply plug ‘n play to save on costs and expenses!

Feel free to drop us an email via and one of our expert sales staff will be in contact to discuss the possibilities.

Don’t lose hope… support is only a click away. Look for the blue Chatbot on our site to interact with one of our expert team, or email anytime. Someone will respond as soon as they can.