Podosymposium - on demand
A premier: High level content from renowned international speakers in the field of podiatry, spoken in their mother tongue with subtitles.

Connecting, learning and innovating together is what this online PodoSymposium aims to achieve. With a focus on contemporary topics that truly engage the active professional. The program wants to be dynamic and connect the foot care professional with the industry.

Live events are an exception today, which does not alter the fact that the podiatrist or foot care professional needs training and the introduction of new, innovative products.

We therefore invite you to attend and actively participate in this multilingual online event.

We believe that creating a close community is an added value for the profession, it is for this reason that we decide to organize an online multilingual event so that we can reach as many professionals as possible at the same time. The PodoSymposium is organized by PodiatryInternational.com